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What is cybersecurity insurance?

Cybersecurity insurance is designed to protect companies from damages and liability resulting from data breaches and malware attacks.

We will customize your cyber insurance policy to ensure you have the best coverage so you don’t have to close your doors in the event of a breach.

No insurance will ever prevent an attack from happening – it is just not what it is designed to do. But it is very useful to have cyber insurance before you have a cyberattack.

What can Paloma do for your business?

Provide a QUICK & EASY path to Cyber Liability Insurance

Dark Web ID
Dark Web Monitoring & Compromise Alerting

Protect your organization or clients from data breaches and cyber fraud. Monitor for compromised or stolen credentials and PII. Show prospects their dark web exposure to start security sales conversations and close deals.

BullPhish ID
Security Awareness Training & Phishing Simulation

Mitigate human error by training employees to be a defense line against cyberattacks. Empower end users with cybersecurity and compliance acumen. Reduce risk of cyber incidents by up to 70%.

AI-Powered Email Security & Phishing Defense

Shield your organization or clients from phishing, business email compromise (BEC), malware and ransomware. Quarantine malicious emails before employees could interact with them. Alleviate IT workload and enhance productivity

Advance Endpoint Detection and Response

Provide affordable, effective endpoint detection and response in easy-to-use, manage, and deploy packages. Advanced endpoint security with suspicious behaviors detection that traditional anti-virus solutions miss, and actionable alerts of threat indicators that matter most

24/7/365 Threat Monitoring, Detection & Response

Protect your clients without hiring security engineers. Monitor, search, alert, report on network, cloud, and endpoint threats. Detect adversaries that evade traditional cyber defenses, like firewalls and antivirus.


Multifactor authentication as a method for protecting user data from being exposed to unauthorized third parties should be used for all remote access, on privileged accounts as well as for securing backups.


Regular employee cybersecurity awareness training that deepens staff knowledge and allows for managing human-shaped risks, which usually include overlooking both real and potential threats and an inability to react properly when encountering them.

Patching and Updates

Regular patching and updates as well as the retirement of systems that are no longer supported is considered as one of the basic precautionary measures that every business should take.

Certified Cyber Insurance Solutions

Paloma has the very best solutions and insurance solutions to minimize vulnerabilities faced by public, private, and non-profit companies. We ensure adherence to the constantly evolving best practices for business security, through an integrated ecosystem of solutions. We work seamlessly to provide cost-effective and resilience for all organizations.

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